Roaster Level 1 - SCA Foundation & Essential Skills QUITO, ECUADOR

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9 May 2023, Botanica Laboratorio de Cafe in Quito, Ecuador

We will be teaching this class in English and Spanish.

Course Overview

The Academy of Coffee Excellence's Roaster Level 1 - SCA Foundation & Essential Skills is a 1-day, plus pre-course assigned work, roaster training course that adds significantly to the scope of, and requirements for, the SCA Foundation Certificate.

The Roaster Level 1 Course introduces the skills and develops the knowledge of the coffee roasting process. If you have never roasted coffee before or you want professional training in the areas of:

  • Types of heat energy transfer
  • Controlling heat energy transfer
  • The elements of a roast profile graph
  • The phases of a roast profile
  • Calculating and applying rates of rise
  • Describing a roasts Flavor, Aftertaste, Acidity, Body & Balance

This is the course that you should attend! It is also the course that you should attend before attending our Roaster Level 2 or other SCA Intermediate Roasting Courses, if you do not have a basic knowledge of the above. 

You will practice the skills and build the knowledge of

  • Identifying common components of Drum and Fluid Bed coffee roasters
  • Developing a basic understanding of the types of heat energy and energy transfer in coffee roasting
  • Identifying and describing the visual, audible and olfactory milestones of the roasting process
  • Identifying by sight and taste defects from improper roasting
  • Identifying and recording basic quality control data points common to professional roasting
  • Roasting a minimum of 5 small batch roasts
  • Creating a roast logs and profile graphs
  • Describing flavor profiles of your roasted coffee
  • Differentiating among multiple roast levels 

Academy of Coffee Excellence Roaster Level 1 Course graduates will demonstrate a solid foundational knowledge and skill set of the technical elements of coffee roasting. You will also demonstrate basic quality control process skills for evaluating your roasted coffee. This course establishes the bedrock of principles and best practices necessary to develop your career in coffee. 

It is important for you to know that educational offerings can vary widely in depth and breadth of instructional content among coffee educators. Always ask for a listing of the skills that you will be developing so that you can accurately compare the educational programming and experience that you will be receiving. 

Your registration includes

  • Tuition for the training and education
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence workbook
  • Foundation study guides
  • Morning coffee & snacks


The SCA Written Exam Fee Is Not Included


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