About Todd

Todd Arnette has more than 28 years’ experience in the coffee industry with experiencTodd Arnettee in all spaces of the coffee value chain. Mr. Arnette is a Q Instructor for Arabica & Robusta for Coffee Quality Institute. He is an Authorized SCA Trainer AST and has been the Chair of Education and content creator for the Specialty Coffee Association as well as Manager of Quality Evaluation and content developer for the Coffee Quality Institute. He is a credentialed subject matter expert for HACCP Plan development & implementation and Food Safety Systems development & Implementation.

Todd Arnette has a team of training partners providing individualized custom training and consulting throughout the coffee value chain in the following areas:

  • Green coffee export lot assessment & optimization consulting
  • Green coffee selection & quality training
  • ISO 22000 Hazard Analysis & Food Safety training
  • Quality control systems development & implementation 
  • Coffee education curriculum design & implementation 
  • Coffee education content development 
  • Roasting plant design & automation consulting
  • Roast profile development, migration & capacity expansion consulting
  • Product development consulting
  • Cupping & sensory analysis training
  • CQI / SCA / Coffee Value Assessment training