Nepal Coffee Cupping For Q Graders

I am assembling a trained and qualified sensory panel for a 1-Day / 3-Table cupping event. If you are a Q Grader you fit that description and may register.

The event is on the behalf of the Nepal Coffee Producers Association. I have samples from 19 coffee producers that the NCPA (NCPA Website) has gathered from widely varying regions and altitudes of their member farms. They wish to develop a base line understanding of where they are now as it pertains to quality and score. It is important to note that we are not issuing official Q Scores and Technical Reports. Rather, we will be providing a qualified assessment as recognized coffee industry cupping professionals.

As a benefit to you, I will enter all of the scores and descriptors into the Q Instructor Matrix. I will return to you a report showing:

  • Your scores and scoring ranges (Remember the talk about “Beware of Safe Scoring” in your Q Grader Exams … this is how we objectively and statistically evaluate it).
  • Your calibration to the group per table.
  • Your ability to calibrate on the best and worst tray per table.
  • Your distance from the mean scores.
  • Your distance from the Cupping Leader scores.
  • Your score for each table as it would appear in your CQI Gradebook.
  • Your cupping form as analyzed for the “Proper Use Of Form” consideration for successfully passing that aspect of  Q Grader Calibration.


  • These are all measures that factor in to your upcoming Q Grader Re-Calibration exercise to maintain your Active Q Grader Status. A Q Grader Re-Calibration exercise is a 3-Table cupping that takes about 4 hours. This event can be a perfect practice opportunity for you.

Please consider attending and please share this information with any Q Graders that you know that might be interested in participating. This event is free, I will provide lunch and I will provide valuable calibration feedback to you.

The venue location will be at Caffe Amouri Google Maps: 

Caffe Amouri Coffee Roaster, 107 Church St NE, Vienna, VA 22180 Just outside Washington DC.

The event date will be Thursday, May 31st Starting at 10:00am and running until approximately 2:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

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