Roaster Certificate Pathway Training

Roaster EducationInvest in your roasting career with instruction from recognized experts and an education curriculum backed by decades of experience, scientific understanding, and thought leadership. The craft and the science of roasting are all laid out for Roasters as they explore the nuances of machine operation, safety, maintenance, roast profile creation and the sensory applications required to carefully roast beautiful coffees. The Roaster Pathways present a comprehensive education taught in SCAA Certified Campuses, working roasteries and sensory labs. Learning from accomplished subject matter experts, Roasters will develop their sensory skills, learning to evaluate coffee for green coffee contracts, sample and production roasting and quality control. Roasters will establish a mastery of the technical aspects required to safely and effectively manipulate roasting equipment. Practical aspects such as inventory control and production management help to round out a complete roasting curriculum.

Graduates will be well prepared to contribute in a wide range of roasting facilities, with a strong background in theory backed by hands-on roasting and evaluation experience.

With two levels available, the Roaster Pathway is available to coffee professionals looking to transition into or expand their understanding of the world of coffee roasting, and will build upon information and skills that demonstrate your competence as a professional specialty coffee roaster.

After completing Foundations of Coffee, (approximately 11 hours of classroom and lab time),

The Academy of Coffee Excellence offers you flexibility in how you can earn your Roaster Level 1 or Level 2 Certificate: 

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