Coffee Buyer Certificate Pathway Training

Connecting farmers to customers throughout the world, coffee buyers are the link from production to consumption and the gatekeepers for quality in specialty coffee. For those who aspire to impact communities around the globe by balancing finance, strategy, and sensory evaluation skills, the Coffee Buyer Pathway presents two levels of study, preparing students for the complex environment ahead of them.

With a global trade network comprised of producers, importers, traders, and buyers, green coffee travels a long and winding road before it ever comes into contact with a roaster. How it gets there and who is involved sits at the core of the Coffee Buyer Pathway. For those looking to navigate the coffee supply chain, from negotiating contracts to maneuvering financial markets, understanding the intricacies and how to navigate the many channels will prove to be the best tool for success. The first half of the Coffee Buyer Level 1 Pathway focuses on the roaster retailers or wholesale roasters that buy green coffee. The second half of the Coffee Buyer Level 1 Pathway focuses on larger wholesale roasters and coffee importers; true Coffee Buyers.

After completing Foundations of Coffee, approximately 11 hours of classroom and lab time,

The Academy of Coffee Excellence offers you flexibility in how you can earn your Coffee Buyer Level 1 Certificate: 

Link to Coffee Buyer Training and Roaster Certificate Programs


Importers, exporters, buyers, traders and roasters alike will benefit from a curriculum built around the economic realities of the global coffee system. With instruction from leading professionals in every stage of the process, buyers will gain experience that will immediately carry over to their own work.

  Key Concepts Explored In Level 1

  • Mill To Roaster
  • Green Coffee Buying
  • Specialty Coffee Market Dynamics
  • Inventory Control
  • Green Coffee Buying Strategies


Prerequisite Requirement For Obtaining Certificate: Completion of Foundations of Coffee at the Academy of Coffee Excellence, or other Certified SCAA Training Campus or Event. Also the Coffee Buyer Written Exam available on-line at