Images And Pathway Class Descriptions used with the permission of SCA

The Roaster Pathways presents a comprehensive education taught in an SCA Certified Campus. Learning from accomplished subject matter experts, Roasters will develop their sensory skills, learning to evaluate coffee for green coffee contracts, sample and production roasting and quality control. Roasters will establish a mastery of the technical aspects required to safely and effectively manipulate roasting equipment. Practical aspects such as inventory control and production management help to round out a complete roasting curriculum. Graduate certificate holders will be well prepared to contribute in a wide range of roasting facilities, with a strong background in theory backed by hands-on roasting and evaluation experience. The Academy of Coffee Excellence has 3 drum roaster training stations, traditional open barrel sample roasters and micro-drum sample roaster and also fluid bed coffee roasters.

The Academy of Coffee Excellence offers you flexibility in how you can earn your Roaster Level 1 or Level 2 Certificate: 

  • As a multi-day program accomplished in one trip     OR

  • As a combination of Live Lab Classes combined with e:Learning offerings     OR
  • As a customized addition to your company's Roaster Professional Development Program working specifically with your team and your green and roasted coffees. Customized private company team training programs are for groups of 5 to 15 or more team members.