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Brewing Foundation Advanced

This course exceeds the requirements for the SCA Brewing Foundation Certificate

Course Dates:

  • May 23 & 24, 2019
  • Aug 5 & 6, 2019 

This 2-day course brings together fundamental concepts of water chemistry’s impact and coffee’s flavors created by the decisions that roasters or brewers make regarding their roast profiles and brew recipes.

In this course you will:

  • Experience and evaluate on a sensory level the impact of various water chemistry formulations on cup quality.
  • Learn to use both the brewing control chart and the cupping form to objectively measure brewed coffee.
  • Conduct experiments manipulating principles of brewing's best practices.
  • Conduct experiments with roasted coffee that has had its profiles manipulated in various ways consistent with roasting's best practices.

The Specialty Coffee Association’s Brewing Foundation Certificate is designed to introduce core brewing skills and equipment to people with little or no previous hand pour brewing experience. Successful candidates should be able to grind and brew to the correct recipe and produce great coffee on multiple brewing devices.

Specifically, by doing hands on exercises and tasting, you will develop a greater understanding of the following concepts:

  • Coffee’s flavor varies based upon differing varietals, countries of origin and roast styles.
  • Coffee’s flavor varies based upon differing coffee to water ratios, grind particle sizes and brewing devices.
  • Coffee’s flavor varies throughout the brewing process.
  • The key elements of good coffee brewing and the differentiation between proper and improper brewing.
  • The optimum balance between strength and extraction.

Practical and Written Exams take place in the late afternoon. There is a separate SCA registration, not included with this course, to take the Practical and Written Exams and upon passing, the Certificate Issuance. To register for this course's exams follow the Exam and Certificate Issuance Link.

There is 1 certificates available for this coursework. You may select the following on the Exam and Certificate Issuance Link.

  • Foundation Only 

There are membership discounts available for the following affiliations:

SCA - NCA - NAMA - Coffee Roaster's Guild - Barista Guild - Active Q Graders.

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