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Roasting Intermediate ONLY Course

This is the SCA Intermediate Certificate Course as taught by the Academy of Coffee Excellence. The course is an appropriate starting point for candidates on the spectrum of home roasters considering moving to commercial roasting to working roasters with a few years experience. This course begins to build the solid knowledge base & skill set that a wholesale or retail roaster requires.

We strongly encourage you to consider adding an additional day of expert training by clicking the link below. It will be a much greater learning experience for you.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive program, select the 4 Day Intermediate Advanced Course Linked Here

  • The SCA Intermediate written and practical exams will be available at the completion of the course.
  • There is an optional, but separate, SCA Exam And Certificate Issuance Fee assessed by the Specialty Coffee Association.

Course Dates:

  • 29 to 31 JAN 2019
  • 27 to 29 MAR 2019
  • 18-20 JUL 2018

During this course you will:

  • Roast at least 11 production roasts
  • Cup 6 flights of coffee
  • Triangle 3 flights of coffee

Intermediate Course graduates will demonstrate a proficiency with the scientific and technical elements of roasting coffee. They will also demonstrate basic quality control process skills. This course will lay the groundwork for the ongoing development of a career in Specialty Coffee.

The registration includes:
  • Tuition for the training and education
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence interactive workbook
  • Academy of Coffee Excellence Coffee Passport
  • Morning coffee, fruit, baked goods, snacks and lunch each day

This 3-Day Course covers a great deal of content. Attendees should plan on being at the Academy of Coffee Excellence from 8:00am (08:00) to 5:00pm (17:00) each day.

  • $1,500.00 usd  

Day 1


We will start our day in Classroom 1 of the Academy of Coffee Excellence and have a brief review of the pre-work and a short quiz. 

Introduction to Roasting Concepts: This segment lays the foundation for successful small batch roasting. Instructors introduce and use critical terms and concepts that are the underpinning of the roasting process. Students are guided through initial roast progression and roast development.

Difference From Control Roast Evaluation: Here we will further explore quality control with a simplified Difference From Control quality test. We will taste the roasts of the previous day to evaluate the coffees. 

Applied Roasting Concepts: This segment applies concepts by using any of the 4 drum roasters of the Academy of Coffee Excellence. Attendees conduct several roasting experiments on varying the roast development in order to assess the impact of differing levels of caramelization on final product. Other roast experiments are designed to teach how to manipulation the interior color of the bean. Through class practice, attendees will learn to manipulate/adjust a small batch drum roaster to meet their desired craft roasting goals.

Lunch is provided.

Day 2

More Cupping and Triangulation: In this segment we apply the principles of Quality Control discussed earlier through Cupping and Triangulation Cupping.

Profile Roasting Practices: In this hands on segment we return to the Roasting Room and conduct several more roast experiments to apply and test the concepts taught the previous day. 

Coffee Contracts and Pricing: In this section we learn the basics in writing coffee contracts, understanding Outright Price, calculating Differential Price and working through Carry Charges.

 Lunch is provided.

Day 3

More Cupping and Triangulation: In this segment we continue to develop Cupping and Triangulation Cupping skills.   

Quality Assurance meets Food Safety: This segment introduces working roasters to the tasks and tools for establishing a Quality Assurance process. We also discuss the convergence of Quality Assurance with Food Safety. Also covered are ways to develop protocols for roaster fire safety and roaster preventative maintenance.  Hands-on portions of the class include investigating coffee roasters and pinpointing critical areas of cleaning and maintenance.

Profile Roasting Applied: This segment is where you fully integrate all of the skills developed. Attendees design roast profiles to accentuate acidity and profiles to accentuate sweetness. Other skills explored are in color matching roast targets. 

Lunch is provided.

Day 3 Afternoon

Practical and Written Exams take place the afternoon of Day 4. There is a separate SCA registration, not included with this course, to take the Practical and Written Exams and upon passing, the SCA Certificate Issuance. To register for this course's exams follow the Exam and Certificate Issuance Link.

The Intermediate certificate is available after this coursework. You may select the Intermediate Only option that you will find on the Exam and Certificate Issuance Link


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